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Hello friends, this week I am finishing up my blogshop classes. So from next week may be I will  post something else that is not related to drugs. May be I will post something that is more interesting than my previous posts (:O). Hope you will enjoy.


Sad ending..

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When Nafi took Toma to the rehab, she started to talk with the doctor very easily. It seemed that she have done these kinds of thing before. She knows all the bad effects of using drugs, and even she agree that she had been doing drugs for a long time. These things shocked Nafi.

After consulting with Toma the doctor talked to Nafi. The doctor said, “She is in a very critical situation. It become very to cure those patients who knows the bad effects of doing drugs, but still do. And another thing is she has agreed that she is doing it.” Nafi asked to the doctor, “Where is she now?” The doctor replied, “She is doing counseling with other drug addicts.” Then they both went to the place and saw that Toma was telling the adverse effects of drug abuse to the patients and she was quite confident. Then the doctor explained to Nafi that because of these things her situation is critical.

To bring one drug addict form the dark world to a normal world the most important thing is the determination of the patient that he or she wants to give up that habit. If that person is not strongly willing to forbid using drug it’s impossible even for a doctor to bring them up from it.

Toma knew what the affects of drug abuse are and she was doing this for fun, so it was impossible for the doctor to cure her because she was not willing to be cured. However, Nafi admitted her into the rehab and Toma used to come to the rehab regularly.

One day Nafi went to the rehab to see the improvement of Toma. He came to know that Toma used to give counseling to the affected patients. So he thought Toma is okay now and he said to her that she didn’t need to go to the rehab anymore.

Then their life was going happily. But Nafi was getting confused when he saw that his money was getting lost every day. Then one day he got Toma red handed when she was stealing money from his wallet. They fought and Toma went out of their home. She didn’t come back again.

 Then one day Nafi was browsing into internet. Suddenly he saw a photograph of Toma, nude. Then he read detail what it was saying. It said that that photograph was of a girl who used do sex in exchange of drugs.

 Then he started to cry and say, “Please come back my love.”

BBC STORY- Problem is in root….

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Navin married Ayesha. They were living happily. Navin was working in a school and Ayesha was a school teacher. As the days were passing, Ayesha observed some strange behavior in her husband. He was missing his work and sleeping for a long time. As he was irregular in work, he lost his job. Gradually Navin was getting to aggressive and if Ayesha said anything to him he used to shout at her and beat. For a long time Ayesha didn’t say this to anybody. Then one day she informed the matter to her in laws house.

When Ayesha said about Navin to his family they said to Ayesha that Navin used to take drugs. Ayesha got very shocked because she didn’t know that before she married him. She understood what was going on with Navin. It was not unclear to her anymore that Navin was taking drugs and this was the reason behind his all weird behavior.

Then she tried her best to make feel Navin better, but nothing happened. It brought up rather an irony. Before, when Ayesha didn’t know about Navin‘s drug abuse, he used to take them secretly, but when Ayesha came to know that Navin was taking drugs he started to do that in front of Ayesha. The situation was getting worse and worse.

Then again she went to Navin‘s father, who was a lawyer, and asked help form him. What he replied was really ridiculous. He said every people have some bad habits like some people do smoke and some people sleep lately and some people sit in front of computers for a long time. He said Navin‘s this habit was also like one of those habits. Ayesha was stunned to hear the answer from his father in law.

Ayesha came back to her home and nothing changed, but everything was getting worse. Then she took the hardest decision of her life, she divorced Navin.

Now Ayesha is teaching in the school and staying with her brother’s home and Navin is staying in his father’s home doing nothing, but doing drugs.

What is the output? If Navin’s father took necessary steps and support Ayesha, may be they would live together happily. Whose fault was that? Don’t you think it the fault of the mentality of some people of the society? Navin’s father was a lawyer, but form his decision can you say he is an educated person? If an educated person is having this kind of mentality what would be the mentality of the uneducated people of the country, who are the majority of the country? Then how can we except a prosperous, problem free country?

 Note: The names I have used here are not real.

What happed to them?

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This the second part of the previous story. Here I am going to tell what happened to Nafi and Toma. Are they still living happily?

Nafi and Toma were living happily. Nafi used to go to do his medical studies and for that sometimes he had to come back late at night. One day Nafi came to home at noon and saw the door is locked. He waited for a long time, but Toma didn’t come. Then at night Nafi asked Toma, “Did you go anywhere today?” Toma replied, “No. For the whole day I was in home.”

The next day also Nafi came and saw the door was locked. He got very scared and waited for her. At evening Toma came and saw Nafi is waiting by the door. She horribly replied, “I went to one of my friend home. Sorry.” Nafi said, “It’ ok.” At night Nafi asked Toma where did she go at the noon. Toma got angry and said, “What do you want to say? I am lying? Am I a liar?” Nafi replied, “No, I don’t think you are a liar, but tomorrow you have to go with me to a doctor.” Toma asked, “Why? What is wrong with me?” Nafi replied, “No just for a cheek up.”

The next day Nafi took Toma to a doctor and examines her blood. When the doctor explained the report Nafi came to know that Toma is still doing drugs. Nafi was thundered to thik that Toma is taking drugs. He asked Toma and she didn’t say anything. Then she begged to Nafi that she will do anything Nafi said. If he wants to take her to rehab she is ready to go there.

Then the next day Nafi took her to a rehab.

What happen next? I will write about it in my next blog.

Love can bring one back from doing drugs

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Some days ago I read a story about a girl who used to take drugs. I want to share the story with you all. Even though it’s a story of a girl who took drugs, it’s a love story.

There was a boy named Nafi and he was a Medical student. One day he was doing his night duty in hospital and outside there was storm. Suddenly someone came and said one girl is searching him. Nafi was thinking who would be that girl, came at that late stormy night! Then he went to downstairs and he saw Toma was standing there.

Toma is Nafi‘s friend’s sister. Nafi used to love that beautiful girl, but he never said it to her. When Toma saw Nafi, she ran to him and hugged him and said, “Nafi, please help me. My parents are arranging my wadding. I don’t want to marry that man. I love you.”

As Nafi heard that, he became very emotional and said her that they will go to her home and will tell that they love each other and they want to marry. But Toma didn’t agree to  that. She convinced Nafi to take her and hide somewhere. As Nafi used to stay in medical hostel he took Toma to the hospital for that night and the next they got married.

After their marriage they rent a house and started to live there. They were living happily and Nafi was doing his study in medical. One day Toma‘s brother, who was Nafi‘s friend, came to Nafi and he asked if Toma is with him or not. Nafi disagreed. Then Toma’s brother explained to Nafi that Toma is taking drugs. At that night they were to take her to a rehab, but she escaped from there.

Toma‘s brother explained to Nafi that the problem became so severe that they were not able to control her. Nafi was shocked to hear all these things. Then he said to his friend whatever Toma did is her past, now she is all right and he loves her a lot. Then Toma‘s brother said to Nafi that she will go the way again and he should take her to a rehab very quickly and he left. At night when Nafi came back home he was very sad. Toma said him that she is feeling very tired and she went to sleep. Nafi got fresh and then he saw Toma is sleeping on the bed. She stared at her for a long time. Suddenly Toma woke up and she asked to Nafi what is the matter and why he is looking so upset. Nafi explained to Toma everything and asked that all these things are right or wrong. Then Toma said to Nafi that she is very sorry because he said to him lies about the marriage. She said, “I used to take drugs, but I swear, now when I am with you I am not taking drugs. And I love you; I will never take drugs again.” Nafi hugged her and said, “I trust you and love you. I hope you will never cheat with me.”

Then they start to live happily again.

From the story we can say that Love can bring one back from the dark world of Drugs.

In my next post there will be another part of this story.



Two different reasons (which are given much more rarely)

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By contrast, there is one motive for drug use which, though rarely mentioned in policy debate: pleasure. It is pleasure which is essentially the defining quality of all illicit drugs: those drugs which are abused have pleasurable effects, and those which have no pleasurable effects are not abused.

A second unacknowledged motive for drug use does not even have a recognised name, but may perhaps be referred to as ‘consumer exoticism’. It is this which presents the most credible answer to the question of why the prevalence of drug use has increased so greatly over the last thirty years or so, despite the billions spent on its prevention. Most people in the Britain of the 1950s would have been deeply suspicious if offered an avocado; the same people now happily buy them from supermarkets. As consumer culture encourages adventurousness in our choice of food, clothes, holidays – it becomes ever more anomalous that we are asked to accept on faith, and against much of the cultural evidence, that alcohol is the only drug in which we should be interested.



Two reasons typically given for the use of drugs

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The primary explanation for drug use, historically, has always been addiction. Users take drugs simply because they cannot do otherwise.
In recognition of this, a second explanation for drug use has now become a standard account of motive: peer pressure. Drug education programmes typically identify this as the initial reason for drug use, and tailor their message to counter it: Just Say No.